Yesterday I posted a mini tutorial of these swiss cake roll earrings on my instagram. Today I thought I would share some more pictures of them and add the material list as well.

The best part about these are that they look much harder to make then they actually are, haha! I will include the Instagram video below. Also hope you enjoy the succulents I added as background decor. So proud of myself for actually remembering I had succulents growing outside… after I had gone to the store and bought some. OH WELL, life ūüėÄ


White ceramic plates  (sponsored by miniaturesweethk)/ Gold earring findings/ gold jumprings /  Fimo > Christmas Red, Pastel Pink and Translucent White/ Fimo Liquid Deco GelDSC01055.jpg




Hi guys!     Bilderesultat for lava emoji

Lets just skip right past the fact that I am horrible at blogging.¬†I finally got some time off work and decided that I would pick blogging up again. I can’t make any promises for the future, but for right now I’d like to make a few posts and see how it goes. I am still working on the theme of this blog and trying to figure out how I’d like everything to look.

I love the fact that I can have a place online that’s just mine. A place where I can share my hobby with you guys and I have a bunch of ideas for new blogposts so!

Ever since I was a kid I’ve been obsessed with rings. I used to store them in this huge plastic bag that to this day still exists somewhere at my parents house. Cheap plastic rings with big plastic diamonds on. I feel like they are very representative for my childhood growing up in the 90’s, I will see if I can dig them up the next time I go home to show you guys.

It’s probably been in the cards for me all along that I would love jewelry making.¬†I decided to try my hands at making a lava cake earlier this week. I have never done this before, but I hope you enjoy it! I will leave a link to every supply used down below, as well as my instagram video of it!


Plates/Ring base/Flat filigree settings/Fimo clay – Chocolate – Apple Green mixed with Translucent – Vanilla – Raspberry mixed with Christmas Red and Translucent- Caramel


Pin needle/Dotting tools/toothbrush/Flexible cutting blade (any knife will do)


Fimo deco gel (used to make the filling, icing and to glue the cake to the plate)


Resin /UV Torch (These are what I used to seal the plate, filigree and ring base together)

The Finished Ring looked like this:




Crazy hectic! Hitting 200k on instagram and rambles about my life.


Hi everyone!

So sorry I’ve been absent for so long.

I really wanted to keep posting and being creative with this blog last fall, I just didn’t have the time or energy. I find it super hard to be creative when I am stressed out about work or life in general, as I am sure many of you do as well. I started a new job in October and have been focusing on putting all my energy in that part of my life. So I just decided to put everything else on hold for a while. After work I would just lay down on the sofa and watch tv series until I would go to bed,¬†yiiikes! November and December are months where if you work normal indoor hours you just don’t see much daylight at all in Norway. This can be really depressing!

We’ve entered a new year¬† and things have been calming down a bit lately. I feel like I am back to where I used to be when it comes to being creative and creating new charms. I have so many ideas and plans on where I want to take my Instagram and this blog so lets hope I can fulfill every single one this year. I recently hit 200k followers on instagram which is absolutely crazy! I love that there’s so many people that like what I do and want to follow my page. I don’t even know how to describe it or put words on how much it means to me, other than saying THANK YOU!

Just thought I’d include a little collage of my three most recent charms. Last year I was struggling a lot trying to find out what “my style”¬† in the clay world would be. There’s a lot of really talented clay artists out there and I know that I am far from being one of them. That being said I’ve been making charms for over four years now and I do feel like I’ve improved a lot since I first started.


I get questions every day about opening up a shop online and the truth is that I’ve been holding off on doing this for a couple of reasons. One being I haven’t had time. The second is that I am really slow at making charms because I am a perfectionist. Hence the third reason being I am not confident enough to actually put my charms out there. Seeing a picture is one thing, but holding it in your hand I feel is a completely different thing.

I’ve finally come to a place where maybe my charms are something I could actually sell and feel proud of. So that is my main goal for 2018, to start selling my charms. I want to thank everyone that’s been so patient with me when they’ve asked me when I am going to be selling.

Heres to 2018 being kickass awesome for Lunascorner! *crosses fingers*

Favorite craft supplies for September

2. October 2017


I’ve been wanting to share my monthly favorite craft supplies here for a while now! So I thought I would start with september.¬† This will include everything from glitter, to clay, tools etc. I use alot of different craft supplies for my charms, so sharing my curent favourites with you guys is something I’d really like to do. It’s already October and fall is really starting to set in Norway. The nature is changing colors and the leaves have started to fall. It is getting dark outside earlier and earlier also.

I personally enjoy all the beautiful colors, cuddling up on the couch with a blanket and new episodes of my favourite tv show. Fall and winter in Norway can be rough and it usually gets really cold, stormy and rainy. It’s that time of the year when I can stay inside and craft without feeling bad for not doing something more “important”.

I did a post about my favorite essentials earlier this summer, but that was more focused on my most used tools and some supplies. Since it’s early fall my curent favourites are of¬† more gold, orange, burgundy colored now. I thought it would be fun doing a post like this to have and look back at for next years september!


It’s no secret that I swear by the brand Fimo for my clay creations. My two favourite colors atm is Fimo soft in the color Merlot and Fimo effect in the color Marble. The Merlot is a dark vine color and suits fall perfect. I love this color for a lot of things for fall, clothes, pillows etc. So it’s no surprise that I would love it as a clay color aswell. The other color Marble is a white colored clay with white and black glitter added to it. I love mixing this with other colors or just using it by itself.

You can buy Fimo Merlot and Marble from Craftcellar


Lazer Glitter from Solar Color Dust in the color Teddy Bear. This glitter is just unbeliveable, the sparkle and overall look of it is gorgeous. I love using this with my clay creations as a cupcake base for example.

This picture from their website shows the hologpragic effect alot better. 

You can buy it from SolarColorDust


Black glass micro beads from Miniaturesweethk. These have been my favourite to use for my drinks for a long time honestly. They are so great to mix with Fimo for a more unique look. They fit so prefectly with my Kiwi fruit drinks. As the black beads resembles the seeds from the kiwi fruit. See my post just below as a good example!

You can buy it from Miniaturesweethk (affiliate link)


Hexagon glitters in the color gold and rosegold! These kinds of glitter flakes are really in the wind atm and I can totally see why. I love adding them as just little details on my charms. The gold and rosegold ones are definitely the most precious glitter I have in my drawers right now!

I usually buy my hexagon glitter from Miniaturesweethk

(affiliate link)



If you haven’t tried adding powered pigments to your clay creations yet you are missing out! These two are from Pearl Ex in the colors Sparkle Gold and Copper, I usually add them to the Fimo color Mother of Pearl for my open bezel charms. The shimmer is really strong and they blend well together. I have 7 different colors of these so far and I definitely want every single one that exists. I know whats on my wishlist for christmas this year!

You can buy the set that I have from Amazon (affiliate link)


How I make icecubes for my charms!

28. September 2017

Hi guys!

Today I thought I’d finally share with you how I make icecubes for my charms. This is probably one of the most asked questions on my instagram!

I use Fimo Liquid Gel and the bottle looks like this:


First step is to pour some on to a baking sheet. This depends on how much you want to make. I usually make up quite alot when I first make these, just so I don’t have to do this every single time. You don’t need to use any tools to spread the liquid out on the sheet, just let it run out by itself.


Next step is to bake it. I usually set the oven to 100 degrees celcius and bake it for around 15 minutes. This is what works for me, but every oven is a bit different so you just have to try and fail a bit at this step.


While it is still warm chop it up into square like pieces or whatever shape you want your icecubes to be. Doing this while it is still warm is alot easier then waiting until it is cooled down.




And the icecubes are ready to be used on a charm! I usually store them in a little box like the one below. I use Fimo liquid to seal them on to the charm also, this is okay and won’t ruin the shape of the already prebaked icecubes!


I put together a little video showing how to make a simple kiwi fruit drink with the icecubes. Heres a quick supply list if you were wondering where I bought the different things I use in this video:

Hope you found this mini tutorial helpful!


Hackbeat Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Water melon themed cactus bear!

Saturday 2. Sept 2017

Hi guys!

First of all, sorry I haven’t posted for a couple of weeks! My boyfriend and I got a puppy and it’s been little time to actually sit down and write a post, haha! But I definitely want to get back to posting regularly.

I posted a video of ¬†a Water Melon Bear charm friday night on my instagram and thought I’d share a list of materials I used, since alot of you have been asking! What I like about working with polymer clay and creating charms is that you can create whatever you like and let your imagination run wild. What you make doesn’t need to make sense at all. Like this charm for example, it’s a water melon themed bear cactus holding a water melon pieced heart. It has a little star attached to it that is also water melon themed.


List of materials and where I bought mine:

For all the red parts I used Fimo in the colors: Christmas Red, Citrus Quartz and a little bit of Raspberry –¬†Craftcellar

  • For all the green and white parts I used Fimo in the colors: Apple Green, Citrus Quartz and White –¬†Craftcellar
  • Fimo liquid for the ice cubes –¬†Craftcellar
  • Glass micro beads for the heart and star –¬†Miniaturesweethk
  • Glass micro beads for the eyes –¬†Ebay
  • Star mold in the size 17mm –¬†Miniaturesweethk
  • Dotting tools –¬†Ebay
  • XACTO knife – You can find cheap ones on ebay, I bought mine from a local hardware store.
  • Toothbrush – I bought some cheap of a local grocery store
  • Kemper cutters –¬†Etsy
  • Split keychain –¬†Miniaturesweethk
  • Screw eyepin –¬†Ebay


Thats it! Hope you found this little post somewhat helpful if you want to create something like this yourself! I also decided to include the video from Instagram down below!

Share a picture using #lunascorner and tagging me on instagram if you are inspired and want to make your own,  I would love to see! 

How to make a basic polymer clay kawaii cupcake:


Today I want share how you can make a basic kawaii cupcake and what supplies you need. Cupcakes were one of the first charms I started making back when I first discovered polymer clay. To this day they are still my favorite charm to make, just because the opportunities are endless, much like with real cupcakes!

I’ve made some step by step collages showing how to just make a plain vanilla cupcake with some pink frosting. Most of my cupcakes today have a lot more details to them, but I thought sharing this simple one would be great for people just starting out with clay.

Supplies you’ll need for this cupcake, and where I bought mine:

  • Fimo in the colors Vanilla, Chocolate and Pastel Light Pink from¬†Craftcellar
  • Fimo Liquid from¬†Craftcellar
  • Dotting tools from¬†Ebay
  • X-ACTO knife from a local hardware store, but you can also get them from¬†Ebay
  • Flexible cutting blade from¬†Craftcellar
  • A tool for spreading the icing. I am using a stainless steel tool like this from¬†Ebay
  • Lobster clasp from¬†Miniaturesweethk
  • Split jumpring from¬†Miniaturesweethk
  • Screw eyepin from¬†Miniaturesweethk
  • Silicone mold size 14mm from¬†Miniaturesweethk
  • Poluyrethane gloss Varnish from¬†Ebay
  • Pin needle
  • Cheap tooth brush for texturing
  • Brush for glazing



Before you begin make sure you have a clean work surface. I have a glass plate that’s originally meant to be a magnet pin board. Then I usually put a simple white paper and a kitchen tile on top. I love the kitchen tile because I can spin it around as I am working. You don’t need all these things that I use though. Just a simple white paper goes along way. I also use a piece of white scrap clay that I roll between my hands and fingers to get any dust off before I start. I do this quite regularly in between making the cupcake. If I touch anything else when working with the vanilla clay you can be sure there is dust on my fingers. Its a never ending circle even though you think your hands seem clean.

Step 1: I am using a cupcake mold from Miniaturesweethk in the size 14mm. I bought my first cupcake mold from them years ago and to this day it still works just as good. I own 6 of these now so I can make more than one at a time. Of course, you can make the cupcake base form simply using a needle tool, but personally I love the look the mold makes.

Step 2: Start by cutting off a piece of the vanilla colored clay, if you are using a 14mm mold you don’t need much.

Step 3: Form it into a ball.

Step 4 and 5: Put it into the mold and press the clay gently down.


Step 5: Make sure the cupcake base is filled all the way with clay by pressing the ball flat on top

Step 6: Gently remove any excess with a cutting blade. Be carefull not to cut the mold. I’ve done this a bunch of times because I’ve been to careless. Now it doesn’t necessarily ruin the mold so that you can’t use it again, but over time it will tear it down since the mold is made from flexible silicone.

Step 7: I usually tap my fingers on top of this to make sure its filled completely before adding the top part.

Step 8: Roll out a little ball of the same colored clay. I’ve struggled a lot with this part. What is too little clay and what is too much clay for the top? I’ve learned that you don’t really need that much. If your top part is too large it will end up looking wonky and often crocked.

Step 9: Once you have the desired amount of clay take the ball and place it on to the middle of the mold and press it lightly down.


Step 10: Make sure that the cupcake is securely in place by pressing it down all the way around. Also make sure that its centered and that there is no side of it that is pointy. Its should be a smooth circle.

Step 11:¬†I didn’t add q-tips to the supply list, but it’s quite handy to have some q-tips and a little rubbing alcohol. Use this to quickly clean off the dust.

Step 12 and 13: Add texture to the cupcake using a cheap tooth brush. I love this technique! It adds a realistic texture to the cupcake for sure. Texture the whole top part lightly. I’ve found that there is a fine line between texturing too much and texturing too little and I don’t like it being overly textured.


Step 14: Then there is the eyes. To be honest, this takes a lot of practice to get right. I still struggle with mine. Use a dotting tool of the size you want your eyes to be. Make sure you don’t place the eyes too low on the cupcake. You’ll notice that that will make the cupcake wonky looking at the bottom part of the top. Push the dotting tool lightly in making it the size you want.

Step 15: Once you’ve made your first eye carefully mark where you want your other eye to be. Make sure that it’s lined up with the first eye you made before pushing the dotting tool to far in! It will save you a lot of time. If you just gently mark it and it’s too low or too high, just use your tooth brush and texture over it and try again.

Step 16 and 17: When you are happy with the placement push it in like the first one and try to make it the same size. At this step I usually dot both eyes a little just to make sure they are the same size. Then you’re done with the indents!



Step 18: Roll out two small brown balls of clay and place them into the indents.

Step 19: It may take a few tries to get them to exactly fit the indents.

Step 20 and 21: For the mouth roll out a small snake of brown clay. Roll it as thin as you can get it without it breaking.


Step 22: Cut off a small piece.

Step 23: Gently curve the piece using a pin needle and your fingers.

Step 24 and 25: Carefully place the mouth on to the cupcake, make sure it is centered. Then curve it some more if you need to by using your pin needle. I get a lot of questions about the mouth and how I do it. Honestly I used to struggle so much with this part. Now I don’t struggle as much, but it’s still the most challenging thing about the whole cupcake.


Step 26: For the icing I used some pink clay for this cupcake.

Step 27: Chop it up into small pieces, the more you chop it up the easier the process of making the icing smooth will be.

Step 28: I like to use a plastic box to mix it all in because it lets me hold the box and use the walls to crush the lumps. Plus the liquid is quite sticky and it can easily get messy.

Step 29: Add fimo liquid with the clay.

Step 30: Start mixing these two until you get a smooth icing like consistency without any lumps.


Step 31 and 32: I just included these two steps so that you can see what it looks like during the process. If you think its to thin just add more clay and if its to thick more liquid.

Step 33: Once you’re happy with the consistency start adding it to your cupcake.

Step 34: I am using a stainless clay carving tool that has one flat end perfect for adding icing. Try starting out at the absolute center of the cupcake.

Step 35: Carefully swirl it around and around adding a little bit at a time. I always end up adding to much in the end so my tip is “less is more” for this part.


Step 36: If you want to make it into a charm I highly recommend these screw eyepins. I am using a silver plated one in the size 5.5x12mm.

Step 37: Place the eyepin at the center of the cupcake and press it lightly down.

Step 38: Twist it carefully down into the cupcake.

After this bake your charm according to package instructions and let it cool completely. I bake mine at 110 degrees celcius for about 30 minutes.


Step 39: When the charm is cold, I use a glaze to make it shiny. The one I use is poluyrethane gloss varnish and I usually add two coats.

Step 40:¬† Add a jumpring if you want the option to use it as a necklace, keychain etc.¬†I use a split jumpring for all my charms. That way I am sure that the charm won’t fall off. I have added a lobster clasp to the cupcake in this tutorial. It’s great to use a clasp like this if you want to hook it onto something.

Step 41: It can be hard to get the charm and lobster clasp on to the jumpring because it’s so thight. I usually just use a pin needle and place it between the split so it creates a space where I can push the clasp and the charm on.

Step 42: This is what it looks like from the top once all the parts are connected.

Step 43: And this is what it looks like from the front.


Then its done! Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial! Once you’ve mastered the basics of making a cupcake theres so many options you can add to it. Today my cupcakes usually have eyelashes, blush and more different toppings added to them. I made a tutorial for a more advanced one on my youtube that you can watch if you want to. Or you could check out my Instagram that has a ton of different ones!