Yesterday I posted a mini tutorial of these swiss cake roll earrings on my instagram. Today I thought I would share some more pictures of them and add the material list as well.

The best part about these are that they look much harder to make then they actually are, haha! I will include the Instagram video below. Also hope you enjoy the succulents I added as background decor. So proud of myself for actually remembering I had succulents growing outside… after I had gone to the store and bought some. OH WELL, life 😀


White ceramic plates  (sponsored by miniaturesweethk)/ Gold earring findings/ gold jumprings /  Fimo > Christmas Red, Pastel Pink and Translucent White/ Fimo Liquid Deco GelDSC01055.jpg




Hi guys!     Bilderesultat for lava emoji

Lets just skip right past the fact that I am horrible at blogging. I finally got some time off work and decided that I would pick blogging up again. I can’t make any promises for the future, but for right now I’d like to make a few posts and see how it goes. I am still working on the theme of this blog and trying to figure out how I’d like everything to look.

I love the fact that I can have a place online that’s just mine. A place where I can share my hobby with you guys and I have a bunch of ideas for new blogposts so!

Ever since I was a kid I’ve been obsessed with rings. I used to store them in this huge plastic bag that to this day still exists somewhere at my parents house. Cheap plastic rings with big plastic diamonds on. I feel like they are very representative for my childhood growing up in the 90’s, I will see if I can dig them up the next time I go home to show you guys.

It’s probably been in the cards for me all along that I would love jewelry making. I decided to try my hands at making a lava cake earlier this week. I have never done this before, but I hope you enjoy it! I will leave a link to every supply used down below, as well as my instagram video of it!


Plates/Ring base/Flat filigree settings/Fimo clay – Chocolate – Apple Green mixed with Translucent – Vanilla – Raspberry mixed with Christmas Red and Translucent- Caramel


Pin needle/Dotting tools/toothbrush/Flexible cutting blade (any knife will do)


Fimo deco gel (used to make the filling, icing and to glue the cake to the plate)


Resin /UV Torch (These are what I used to seal the plate, filigree and ring base together)

The Finished Ring looked like this:




Kawaii raspberry and vanilla icecream

Hi guys!

I just posted this little kawaii ice cream on instagram and I thought I would show you a few more pictures and a list of the items I used. Maybe there will be a quick work in progress video of this up on my instagram on friday if you’re interested!


Materials I used and where I bought them:

  • Fimo Effect Vanilla, Cherry Red, White, Pastel Pink, translucent white and Chocolate – Craftcellar
  • Fimo liquid gel  mixed with Fimo Cherry Red for the icing  – Craftcellar
  • Black glass micro marbles mixed in – Miniaturesweethk
  • Star shaped piping tip size 14 for the whipped cream – Amazon
  • Irridescent Rainbow White glitter for sprinkles – Ebay
  • Dotting tool to make indents for the eyes – Ebay
  • X – ACTO knife – Ebay
  • Clay extruder for the rim around the ice cream cup – Craftcellar
  • Srew eyepin, split jumpring and ballchain – Miniaturesweethk



Welcome to Lunas corner!

Welcome to Lunas corner!


This is my first post here and I thought I’d just share a little something about myself and how I started making clay creations.

I am a polymer clay crafter from Norway that picked up my first block of Fimo the summer of 2014. And I am so glad I did! Today I mainly make charms that you can turn into jewelry or use as keychains.  It started out with being interested in jewelry crafting with beads and gemstones.

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